March 2015
Music Therapy and Huntington’s Disease
An article by Monique van Bruggen-Rufi, MMth, NMT-F, Neurological Music Therapist Fellow, lecturer, ArtEZConservatory School of Music; Leiden University Medical Center; Atlant Care Group en Raymund Roos, Ph.D., MD, Neurologist, Leiden University Medical Center.

Journal of Literature and Art Studies, January 2015
The Effect of Music Therapy for Patients With Huntington’s Disease: A Systematic Literature Review

September 2014
European congress on Huntington's Disease 2014, Barcelona
The European Congress on Huntington’s Disease took place in Barcelona from September 19th till September 21th 2014. The congress was organized by the EHDN (European Huntington’s Disease Network) and the EHA (European Huntington Association).
Representatives of Atlant Care Group visited this congress and presented five posters. One of these posters Huntington Speech Music Therapy won the third prize for best poster, from a total of 300 posters.

September 2014
Atlant examines effects of music therapy with Huntington’s Disease

In October 2014 Atlant starts investigating the effectiveness of music therapy when it comes to communication and Huntington’s Disease. The main question is: does music therapy improve their quality of life?
This research aims to find results with HD-patients that receive music therapy every week; does their ability to express themselves improve more then the ability of patients that receive another type of activity? In the same time we want to see if this leads to influencing the behavior.
This research is conducted by Monique van Bruggen, music therapist and researcher at Atlant.

August 2014
European congress on Huntington's Disease 2014, Barcelona
In September 2014 the European Congress on Huntington's Disease takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Representatives of several disciplines of Atlant Care Group will visit the congress.
At the congress 6 posters will be presented by Atlant. Also, a visit to a local treatment centre for HD is organized.

April 2014
Dutch working group ‘care for HD’ established

In order to improve the knowledge and skills of nurses that work for specialized HD care units in the Netherlands a dutch working group has been established. The working goup meetings take place several times a year. During these meetings the members of the working group exchange knowledge and discuss casuistry. The purpose of this working group is eventually to establish guidelines for HD care. The first meeting took place at March 28, 2014. Atlant Zorggroep is part of this new group.

November 2012
Huntington Movie premiere
On November 29th the new movie from Atlant Care Group about Huntington's Disease is premiered. In the movie the portraits of 3 clients are shown. These portraits show the way these clients handle their disease and how they cope with it. This movie is primariy meant to be part of our training for new employees. Because we are very proud of the result we are happy to share this movie with you. The film consists of 6 chapters.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

October 2012
Atlant at Huntingtoncongres in Stockholm
The European Congress on Huntington’s Disease, organized by the EHDN (European Huntington’s Disease Network) and the EHA (European Huntington Association), took place in Stockholm, Sweden from September 14th till September 17th. Atlant was represented at this very informative and interesting congress and presented four posters. Read more.

September 2012
English brochure Food & Drink now available

Our new brochure about food and drink contains information and advice meant for clients and carers. You can download or order this brochure.

July 2012
European congress on Huntington's Disease 2012

In September 2012 the European Congress on Huntington's Disease takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. Representatives of Atlant Care Group will visit the congress. At the congres there will be 5 poster
presentations by Atlant and also our new movie about Huntington's Disease will be shown.

June 2012
New specialized HD ward 'Everest' now open
From April 16th 2012 the first clients moved into our new specialized HD ward 'Everest'. By now 13 clients have moved and by the end of 2012 30 clients will have found their new home here. Every client has a private bedroom and shared a living room with 9 other clients. The living room all have a large terrace in a green garden.

October 2011
Back from Melbourne

During the World Congress in Melbourne the Huntington Expertise Centre Atlant has presented themself in cooperation with Topaz Care Group, Care Group Noorderbreedte and the Association of Huntington.Read here the experiences. Or view the presentation, brochure or poster.