About Atlant

Atlant Care Group in Apeldoorn offers unique care for unique people in and from its nine locations. Unique care for you. Included under the umbrella care group are residency, welfare and care. From our nine locations we give colour to life in all sorts of ways. We offer home help, a place in one of the Atlant Homes or specialist care for Korsakov and Huntington clients.

No two people are alike when it comes to care requirements. Atlant helps, whether that help is needed for yourself or for someone else. This site will give you an impression of the ambiance, the quality and the possibilities we can offer. Unique care for unique people.

If you would like to speak to one of our staff about your situation or have a tour of one of the Atlant Homes, please contact Bureau Zorgentree via (0031) 55 506 74 56 or bureauzorgentree@atlant.nl. For more information about Atlant, please visit www.atlant.nl.